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(TFT) The Lost Orb - Faction 2, Pagan Thunder


(from left to right: Thor, Beowulf, Sigurd the Saxon, Tharn Helmsunder, John Longshanks, Ragnar the Impetuous)

Thor, protector of the Danes, spoke: "Don't ask about happiness! Sorrow is renewed among the Danish people. I have seen nine mighty wanderers in the waste land moors keeping guard,  alien spirits. One was, as far as one could see, the likeness of an orb. The other miserable things in the stature of a man, though dead and rotten, decayed to their very bones. They occupied the secret land, the wolf's retreat-- windy bluffs, perilous fens, where a waterfall darkens under bluffs and goes down under the ground. It is far from here, by measure of miles, but I can bear you there, upon my summoned wind. Seek it if you dare. For that fight I will pay with wound gold and ancient treasures. . .if you survive."

Beowulf, son of Ecgtheow, spoke: "Do not sorrow, wise Thor! Each of us  must await the end of this life. He who wishes will work for glory before death. That is best for the warrior  after he is gone. Arise, guardian of Valhalla, let us go quickly to see this orb. I promise you this: it will not escape to shelter-- not into the earth's bosom, not into the mountain's wood, not into the sea's bottom, hide where it will!" Thor leapt up then, thanking Beowulf, the Mighty One, that he had so spoken.

47-point Thor
ST 18 DX 15 (13/16) IQ 14 MA 10 (8)
.....WEAPONS Maul (1+5) 
.....ARMOR chainmail (-5 hits)
.....TALENTS Missile Weapons (6) Priest (4) 
.....SPELLS Shock Shield (T2+1) Magic Rainstorm (C4) Flight (T3+1) Lightning (M1/1)
.....SPECIAL POSS +2 Enchanted Silver chainmail ($5,000)

44-point Beowulf
ST 24 DX 11 IQ 9 MA 10
.....WEAPONS Two-Handed Sword (3-1) Greathammer (2+2) Dagger (1-1)
.....ARMOR Chainmail, Tower Shield (+Veteran, -8 hits)
.....TALENTS Sword (2) Shield (1) Seamanship (1) Warrior (2) Veteran (3)

40-point Sigurd the Saxon
ST 18 DX 13 (11) IQ 9 MA 10 (8)
.....WEAPONS Battleaxe (3) Battleaxe (3) Small Axe (1+2)
.....ARMOR Chainmail (+Veteran, -5 hits)
.....TALENTS Knife (1) Ax/Mace (2) Seamanship (1) Warrior (2) Veteran (3)

37-point Tharn Helmsunder
ST 13 DX 16 (14/17) IQ 8 MA 10 (8)
.....WEAPONS Halberd (2) Small Axe (1+2) Dagger (1-1)
.....Armor Leather (-2 hits)
.....TALENTS Knife (1) Axe/Mace (2) Polearms (2) Thrown Weapons (2) Seamanship (1) 

36-point John Longshanks
ST 11 DX 17 (14/17) IQ 8 MA 10 (6)
.....WEAPONS Spear (1+1) Small Axe (1+2) Small Axe (1+2)
.....ARMOR Chainmail (-3 hits)
.....TALENTS Knife (1) Ax/Mace (2) Polearms (2) Thrown Weapons (2) Seamanship (1) 

36-point Ragnar the Impetuous
ST 11 DX 17 (14/17) IQ 8 MA 10 (8)
.....WEAPONS Spear (1) Shortsword (2-1) Dagger (1-1)
.....ARMOR Leather, Large Shield (-4 hits)
.....TALENTS Sword (2) Polearms (2) Thrown Weapons (2) Shield (1) Seamanship (1)
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