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(TFT) I'm in the Raven Patrol

   I`m in the Raven Patrol, not the Rebel Patrol obviously.  And at Jamborees
our company usually takes first and second place in most of the competitions.
Archery, first place Rebel, Second Raven.  And this out of eighty companies.
Knotwork, wood chopping, even fire starting.  Raven patrol gets 3rd in path
finding, a c compass and topographical map exercise to find 3 points.  Rebel
didn`t enter.

   So our company wins.  Because we have Rebel patrol, yet they shirk all the
rules.  For instance we learn from seeing Rebel Patrol that the best way to
master Knotwork is by tying each other up and trying to escape.  That wood
chopping is about creating the largest slice one can then freeing it with a
single swing from the other direction and trying to have that slice fly far
enough to hit someone.  And fire starting, well, we all have a bit of pyro in

   I won`t bore the reader with some of the master pieces of single match
bonfire construction we made because fire really is something best appreciated
in person.  The mood and metatative state it induces.  Like a single thought
of life that grows, then becomes a conversation then a story.  The kind of
story one can sit beside under the stars and listen too all night.

   But I will bore the reader with one incident that involves fire.  The whole
company is camped out at the Tunica Hills.  The Tunica Indians used to live
here.  Each platoon is on its own hill around and on either side of the
stream.  The scout leaders have their own camp.  One of the members of Rebel
appears next to our fire and says. . .

   ``David, come with us.``

   I immediately get up and go.  The rest of Raven around the fire looks
concerned for my life.  We move quietly into the dark to some spot between a
bunch of camps.  I figure we have pulled enough 2nd places that maybe there is
some mutual recognition.

   ``We`re going to shoot a flaming arrow at the scout masters.``

   Boy was I wrong.

David Michael Grouchy II

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