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(TFT) latest battle report

Hello Ladies and Germs.

As promised latest battle report.

The victim: my new player, and tft companion, had four 34 point characters.
The sadistic battle trainer: From Cas' Gazette: Chief Snort, both Snord's
Lords, and 8 snords scouts. Goblins! skilled! feh!

No they really were skilled. They exhibited very good unit tactics.

Snord is a Raider goblin Chief. He tried to raid a small farm where he heard
the Farmers wife made very good sweet potato pie.
As you might suspect I killed all of his characters except for one of his
Archers, and he killed off all my scouts, and one of snords lords.

a couple of questions came up.

We are using melee with a few fancy rules from TFT.

One question was:

if you fire over a 4 foot stone wall, does the firer suffer a penalty of -2
for half cover.

another question:

If i remember correctly you can shoot thru a hex with a team member in it
except that if you miss you have a chance of hitting your teammate?

Thanks in advance.

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