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Re: (TFT) What kind of tactics are useful?

At 20:58 -0400 10/1/08, TFT Digest wrote:
Also, I'd like to ask about ranged weapons.  To me... they seem kind of
useless.  Once your foes have any kind of decent armor on, it becomes very
hard to damage them with a 1 die bow.

Longbows, at 1D+2, are much better in this regard.
Also note that with the "Missile Weapons", a crossbow pretty easily becomes a 1 turn per shot weapon. Even a beginning character can do this (ST 12, DX 11, IQ 9, Effective DX with Light Crossbow -> 14, one turn per shot).

The best reason I can find for bows is taking down enemy wizards (or making them dodge, in which case they aren't casting spells). Another possibility is if you have a large number of weakly armored opponents, a Longbow that has worked up to 2 shots/turn is very effective.

In any case, missile weapons guys are far more effective if there's somebody standing in front of them, to make sure they don't get unexpectedly charge-attacked. Whether they keep shooting, picking the attackers slowly apart while the front-line guys defend or disengage (slowly giving ground up), or change to spears and charge-attack, they can still be pretty effective.

If they dodge, then it's even harder.

At adjDX 14, you still have even odds of hitting.

I would also like to introduce firearms into the mix
(so I can incorporate my Warhammer Empire and Dwarf figures),... I think it's much more productive to just hack and slash at your
enemies.  Again, your thoughts?

Gunpowder as a routine weapon is not very good in TFT. I'm happy with that, personally, but I think that's just a matter of taste.

What kind of uses do you find for hand to hand combat?

1) Gives tired Wizards something useful to do. Cast the last spell, run around behind, drop the staff, and tackle the enemy. Count on your friends striking at +4 adjDX to disable them before they stab you to death.

2) As you say, heavily armored foes and those with big weapons.

In either case, HTH as a one-on-one isn't a favorite of mine. Even if you win, you end up lying down, unarmed. HTH is mainly to let your friends get in good shots. One might think about using it against the front-line character protecting a bunch of archers, on the theory that the archers won't want to shoot into the pile, but... I'll bet they would.

At 20:58 -0400 10/1/08, Sgt Hulka wrote:
7) Illusions. Illusions are the best spells. They last for 12 turns without having to "feed" them. And "disbelieving" them is an action. So even if they're disintigrated by a successful disbelief, you've burned one opponent's action.

Illusions are good. Fire and Rope are my favorites for melees. Both are "creation" spells, so (by exploiting the megahex grid) you can get pretty good range at no DX bonus. Fire is *wonderful* for taking out lots of spiders, rats, etc., and can be tactically invaluable for making certain hexes non-tenable. Rope is fabulous for converting heavily-armored opposing human tanks into prisoners.
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