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Re: (TFT) The Music of Cidri

Thanks for the list Gavin, that's the type of info I'm looking for.  I'm sure there are varying levels of mood-music integration with a campaign.  We've tried vangellis and some other instrumental music without much success.  I'm afraid that the majority of our group plays "impaired" so we lean on our surroundings to keep people occupied while it's not their turn.  If the music is too cerebral, it can be hard to keep focus on the game.  But that said, the music can be also too engaging and lend itself as a distraction.  
With a small group of people, there never seems to be a problem, but when we have a room full, the game exists in the middle of a party.  However, It seems to me that everyone tries to keep the music in line with the game to bring us all back when it's the enemy's turn to move and attention must be payed.  If someone tries to put in their favorite band, let's say Supertramp (which has happened), then the ensuing debate can sidetrack the game for a while musicial merits of one artist or another is fervently discussed.  But, we tend to play without much sleep for days when we get together, and there would be a full scale riot if people could not recreate outside of their turn.  One game turn has lasted upward of an hour while we debated rules.
Anyway, this is exactly what I'm hoping to hear.  I'd like people to open a window into their own gaming experiences.  Can't the company and the environment really supplement a mission?
Good Fortune,

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Our game music has NO lyrics - purely instrumental.  I have a huge 
collection of CDs just for game, and I try to cobble together a "soundtrack" 
for each adventure....
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