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(TFT) Chariots in TFT?

I was wondering if anybody has tackled the problem of adding chariots into
TFT.  I have a bunch of Warhammer miniatures, including some chariots.  They
were my favorite units to use in that game, so I was hoping that there would
be some way to incorporate them into TFT  There are a bunch of problem you'd
run into with them, so I'm not even sure if it's worth it.  I'd like to add
them just because I love the models, and they're fun to put together.  I've
come up with a few ideas though.

I've had sucess in basing them on 3 hexes in a line.  For movement, I pretty
much treat them like a monster.  So you count the maximum number of hexes that
one part moved to determine how much MA it used up.  I also have rules that
allow it to only move forward at full speed.  I haven't done the calculations
for how fast two horses carrying the chariot will run.  I'll have to run the
numbers a bit.  I'd also like to add some rules to account for momentum.  I'll
use the cavalry rules from AM, where you need more than 1 single hex figure to
engage it.  And the chariot can trample and everything too.  However I want to
find away that if a chariot moves full speed into a cluster of fighters, that
it won't just stop and get bogged down.  Perhaps it gets multiple "push back"
moves, where all figures adjacent to it must make a DX check or get run over
or hit with the schythed wheels.

Another problem is that there are 5 parts to the chariot.  The body, 2 steeds,
and (usually) 2 crewmen.  They should each get a separate profile, so their
wounds are separate.  There would also be 3 different facings too.  The
chariot body should be able to be attacked regardless of where you are.  And I
think you should auto hit it too (the wood isn't going to dodge...)  This
would be remedied by having a high ST, and some armor.  It should also halve
damage from all ranged attacks (firing arrows at a big wooden wagon isn't
going to do much).

The very front hex of the chariot would be the steeds' front hexes.  Since
they are in reigns, they can't change their facing, and must always face
forward.  I'm not sure if I want to group the two steeds together into one
profile or keep them separate.  Basically you don't have to choose steed A or
steed B to attack, you just target them both.  When enough damage is done to
kill one, then one dies.  If you do enough damage to stun one, they're both
stunned.  If you do enough damage to knock down one, they're both knocked down
(as they trip over each other or something.  Or maybe it should give them a DX
check because they're tied into the reigns?).  Regardless they should still
get an attack each.

The two hexes behind that are for the crewmen.  I think that each should
occupy only one hex, and should be able to change their facing at any time.
If they're equiped with spears, they would have to be facing forward in order
to do double damage and get the +2 bonus.  That would mean that the crew could
only attack on the sides, which I think seems fair, given that the spears
aren't long enough to stretch all the way to the front.  Also, they should be
able to dismount and fight on foot if they want.  Dismounting would work the
same way as on a horse, where you can safely get off a stopped one, or make a
leap from a moving one.  Other members of your team should be able to get on
your chariot too if they want, if it's empty.

Here's a crude drawing...

So first are the steeds, which can only face forward.  Then there are the two
riders, who can face any direction.


Anyway, I'd like to hear some thoughts on this idea.  Has anyone ever done
something like this and make rules?

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