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RE: (TFT) My old optimal character...

> for Melee was ST 11 DX 13, and carried javelin, mace, and dagger. He
> fought 2 weapons, because it was only -4 to hit if you used both (no
> off-hand in those rules). They were both throwable, if necessary. And
> the javelin got pole weapon bonuses, even though it was single-handed.
> So if the opponents weren't archers, he'd wait for them to engage, and
> hit with adjDX 11, double damage with the javelin, and DX 9 with the
> mace. If he had to charge, he'd still double damage with the javelin,
> and might only hit with that, depending on his adjDX at the time.
> Worked out pretty well.
> Neil Gilmore

   Brilliant.  * runs off and writes it down *

   Mine was the ''pit fighter.''  Being able to 'ready' and 'throw' a two dice
boomerang in one action pretty much decides the match.  Tripping an opponent
before the double damage halberd charge lets this character defeat bears and
young dragons.  Even flying opponents can be forced to land.

ST 13  Halberd 2d, bola (trip), boomerang 2d
DX 11 (13 thrown)
IQ 8  Pole weapons(2), Thrown weapons(2), Bola(1), Boomerang(1)

David Michael Grouchy II
David Michael Grouchy II

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