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RE: (TFT) Tables for the rolling...

> . . . I've found that
> heraldic language really isn't a context-free grammar, so while I could
> generate a blazon, taking that blazon and parsing it into the emblazon
> would be prohibitively difficult.

> He then made the characters based on what he thought
> someone who would have those arms would have been like.

> It might also be nice to work this in with a mapping sort of program,
> so that GMs might really be able to run the sorts of random encounters
> that happen while travelling.

   The generation of random populations by use of census type "statistics" is
prevalent in such games as "Need for Speed" and "Grand Theft Auto."  This is
why sometimes one can turn around and go back real quick, but all the people
and parked cars are different than just a moment ago.

    Not that this is a problem in any way for what is outlined in the heraldry

    I just mention it because it occurs to me that the lands held by a knight
could be generated for value based on the total value of the knights gear.  A
poor knight coming from poor lands, and an wealthy enchanted knight from
wealthy holdings.  An acres per dollar value of gear.  In case the players
want to ransom them back.

David Michael Grouchy II

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