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RE: (TFT) Do any of you play TFT real time, online?

> >     I use Ventrillo.
> >
> > David Michael Grouchy II
> >

>  do you have a link to ventrillo for me?

   My ventrillo has currently been hijacked why everyone is trying out
Warhammer online.  It'll be a couple of months before they wind down.  In the
mean time I can offer you this.


   It's one of the videos I made from back in World of Warcraft.  I has my
real voice narrating so you can laugh at how I sound.  Heh.  And it shows a
sample of some of the music that might show up during my current game

   I remember back in the day one GM ran Blue Oyseter Cult on repeat for his
entire "Aftermath" campaing.  I can still hear every single song.

David Michael Grouchy II

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