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(TFT) So bamboo yeah

So bamboo yeah

   So bamboo yeah.  We have a small grove in the front yard of my house.  I
have this idea I want to test.  We have tried to a single piece of bamboo as a
sword before, but it breaks and splits.  And the splits will cut your finger
just holding it.  The round base doesn`t feel right as a grip either.  But a
smaller piece of bamboo splits even sooner.

  I`m in the front yard cutting bamboo cause I want to see if two smaller
pieces taped together can stand up.  I`m sure the grip for the hand will feel
right.  But how much of a pounding can it take.  I`m using Marks machete.
Mark loves this machete.   He is constantly sharpening it and keeps it with a
razor edge.   Hold the edge straight up and look down the length of it.  One
won`t see a single dent or reflection.  I`ve cut a few pieces and I`m
stripping the leaves off them.

   I hold the bamboo up with the left hand, strike down with the machete
splitting away all leaves on that side in one strike.  Rotate the bamboo and
repeat.  It is then that the machete cuts into the knuckles of my left hand.

   I pull the machete out of my hand, drop the bamboo, and turn my left hand
over to examine the wound.  There is a wedge of skin hanging there bridging
the pinky and ring finger.  No blood.  It`s just pale white tissue inside.  I
turn my hand over and I look at the palm, then I look at the machete.  No
blood there either.

   Hmmm.   I`m gonna cut myself this bad and I don`t see any blood.  Not a
drop.  I expect blood.

   I look back at the palm of my left hand.  Between my pinky and ring finger
I see a stream of red.  Starting to grow, then it shrinks.  It is the width of
string.  It grows thicker.  It is the length of a pencil.  It becomes a gush
of red shooting about a quarter meter past my hand, pulsing with my heart beat
and splattering the bamboo leaves.

   I drop the machete, grab my left hand with my right and apply pressure to
the wound.  Marks` ultra sharp machete strikes above the tongue of my right
sneaker and sticks into the top of my foot.  It quivers a little.  I release
pressure, remove the machete with a jerk, and blood starts flowing into the
white sock.  Applying pressure to my left hand I run into the house.

   There is no one home.

   I proceed to the bath tub, remove the shoe there and try to stop the
bleeding from two wounds.  Apply pressure to my hand and my foot bleeds.
Apply pressure to my foot and my hand bleeds.  Back and forth.  There is now a
lot of blood across the bottom of the whole bath tub.

   Suddenly I realize what to do.  With my right hand I apply pressure to the
back of my left hand.  With my left hand I apply pressure to the top of my
foot.  It takes a little while but the bleeding finally stops.  Running water
in the tub I rinse my hand and foot.  I dry them off, apply peroxide,
bandages, and surgical tape.  When done my foot is wrapped and I put on a pair
of socks to hide it.  My left hand has a Band-Aid holding the flap closed.
With a clean bath tub no one will know what happened.

   With my right hand I funnel the bath tub faucet and wash out all the blood.
I rinse out my shoe.  Everything cleaned up I stagger into my room and pass
out on the bed weak from loss of blood.  Its an empty dreamless sleep.

David Michael Grouchy II
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