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(TFT) Kneeling

All of the recent discussion about standing brings up another point: how many of you use (or have seen used by your players) the ability of a figure to kneel? Getting knocked down happens all of the time but kneeling? In all of the years I've gamed TFT I can only recall once or twice a player actually having their figure kneel. It so rare that when I did my options chart currently on my web site I removed the option to kneel entirely.

And if you do use kneeling and you game with figures how do you represent this on the battlefield? A prone figure is easy, just lay the miniature down. But kneeling? Do you use a kneeling counter or marker?

This is not so much to discuss the merits of kneeling, I'm more interested in how often it comes up in any of your games. It's sort of a dead rule when our group plays.

David O. Miller
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