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Re: (TFT) Baseball - was Re: format check

Sorry Jole,

Some of this output is me setting up my account, configuring Outlook, making sure I'm not Cc'ing the list, that sorta thing.
I don't wanna post a finished chart and have the thing turn out unreadable and other such concerns.
I may get pissed off at the service and tell 'em where to go, I don't know, anyway it's enough to make sure I know what my output should look like.
As I run Baseball games TFT style useing two pages, and I'd already posted one of them as a test, I figured I'd post the other one under this subject and then put the rest of the Baseball stuff here later, kinda a history of the idea.
As I expect some disscussion on weather or not this is TFT worthy at all, all I can say is that all my numbers are scaled for TFT's combat system to the best of my ability, and I figure to use a less complex example for that disscussion, a foot race.
Think of me as writing a SciFi story in Latin.
I'm gonna have to do some "tweaks".
If I can do a good job of communicating what I think should be tweaked and why then I figure this is the place to get a reality check on those thoughts.

Hopefuly that helps address your question.

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