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Re: (TFT) Hexes

This goes with the Hexes bit...
On hit locations.

A human head is about 36 scale squares in area, 2 scale squares wide, 3 scale squares long, and 3 scale squares in height.
A human head is about 2.5ft^2 in area with about half a square foot of area for the face or 6 scale squares.

The chest, abdomen, and pelvis are contained within 9 heads.
The chest is around 3 heads wide at the shoulders, which is the widest area of the body and the ribcage is about 1.5 heads in height, with an additional 1.5 heads of height from the crotch to the ribcage,
2 more heads of height from the crotch to the knees, and 2 heads from the knees to the bottom of the feet.
This totals 8 heads of height.

1 = The bottom of the foot to the middle of the shin.
2 = The middle of the shin to the knee.
3 = The knee to the middle of the thigh.
4 = The middle of the thigh to the crotch.
5 = The crotch to the navel.
6 = The navel to the nipples.
7 = The nipples to the shoulders.
8 = The shoulders to the top of the head.

A head that measures 9 inches high equates to a figure that is 6 feet tall.
Three 3 < inch Scale squares in head height describes a figure who is 6 foot 6 inches tall.
Two 3 < inch Scale squares in head height describes a figure who is 4 foot 4 inches tall. (1 hex in height)
One Scale square in head height ~ 22, or half a hex high.
As no real dimensions are given for the humanoid races, I use 3 height for halflings, 4 for dwarves, 5 for elves, 6 for humans, and 12 for giants.
For simplicity sake I consider the proportions to be equal, although its easy to see how extra squares could be added to show pot-bellies, barell-chests, and etc. or even non-human analogues like the aliens from Aliens. 
Also, consider eight heads in a dufflebag.

18 heads can roughly encompass the human body.
The average human body has 14 to 18 square feet of skin.
At just under 52 inches from side to side, a square hex covers over 18 square feet. (18.77 @ 4.3 feet per side)

1 square hex is drawn on quarter inch graph paper and has an area of 16 squares.
On the Battle Map, (10 hexes north/south and 8 hexes east/west) each square is 13 by 13 and each hex is 1.3m or ~44sts.
This is about the length of an average human stride when running, or about two steps walking.
This is also around the reach of an average human when taking a step.
Since a figure is usually considered to occupy the center of a hex this distance describes a mega-hex as a zone of control for a barehanded human figure.
Halflings do not exert a ZOC on the Battle Map scale by this description.

Obviously theres quite a bit of slop built in here, and knowing what an argumentative lot we gamers are I draw a Scale hex four times the size, or 256 squares in area, in order to focus more clearly on where in the hex the discussion is about.
1 Scale square is 3 < by 3 <.
This is about the area of the palm of my hand.

In the sprit of where in hell, exactly, are we going? this procedure can be repeated to whatever point of precision necessary to settle exactly where, in the hex, something is.
Of course, sometimes a game organizational director needs to handle areas much larger than a hex.

The mega-hex represents the area an average human figure can reach from the center of the hex its located in. 

blah blah blah

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