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RE: (TFT) Hexes

< Worshipping pythagoras again I see. >
Hey! I resemble that remark!

It begins...

I asked a few people to "play-test" the athletic stuff.
I've ended up with either 20 somethings, or 50 somethings.
No middle ground, excepting me I guess.
Well that was a couple of weeks ago.
I was tickeled that I was able to tempt the video generation, and I only told them that it was a sports game.
Then I pulled a fast one.
I had a crazy fan run onto the field to attack a player.
That broke the frame for them.
Now they get the role-playing aspect.
The only problem is that they keep showing up wanting to play.
Like right now, so I'm not gonna get to type the stuff I wanted at the moment.
< sighs >
That's fine, wait till the playoffs.
Remember that movie "Black Friday"?

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