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Re: (TFT) waiting for the coffee...

TFT abstracts.
So do I, but a bit diffrently.

1pt ST = 5.5lbs @ 1 ft. per sec
This measure of force is only a slight tweak to TFT's encumberance and allows large STs to be expressed as Horsepower. Useful for tech.

I define DX as "instinctive" reaction time.
This is given as 1 second divided by the Figures DX.
Physical Talents involving initative or quick reactions tap into this mussel memory to increase reaction times, like a goalie.

I define IQ as "concious" reaction time.
This is given as 2 seconds divided by the Figures IQ.
I came to this through anatomy studies for injury and will cite data to support this in a damage vs. injury post.

I then use a chart of times I've been gathering for common actions and movements to determine a final "instant" for an action to occur relative to the other actions being attempted during the "instant".

It comes out like a phase system, and works pretty well for "slo-mo" dramatic focus.

I found this kindda thing nessacary to present athletics like football from a players view.
I can handel throwing issues and such in an intresting, and entertaining manner this way.

The next step is how to give the player some intresting control.

For example, one of the oldest forms of human compotetion is probably the footrace.
If everybody has an MA of 12 how do you have an intresting footrace in TFT?
How would a "world record" be established, or broken?
Can an MA 10 NEVER beat a MA 12?

Too abstract is as bad as too complicated to my way of thinking.

Uhhh, I'd better type up how I use the dice.
That's got alot to do with it.
In general I allow the player to have control over how "diffacult" the action will be.
A 2d diffaculty represents "half-speed" effort (see ST for effort)
3d = normal, or "full speed"
4d = max effort
+5% effort per +1d up to +30% @ +6d

Also players may add "flourshes" in the form of +1 adjective per +1 dice.
Think Babe Ruth's called shot for example.

Of course the GM may add additional dice for other conditions or etc.
The average roll on ten dice is 35.
Supriseingly doable, especally for more powerful Figures.

I save +/- modifiers mainly for Figure vs. Figure interactions, where one Figure has a higher Stat. in the matchup.

"Wait, Wait! Don't Tell Me!"
< heads for coffee >

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