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Re: (TFT) This would not happen in real life....

< rubs scalding nose >
I gotta quit drinking coffee while reading list-mail.

I live in a pretty rural area, and needless to say there's a lot more cavalear attitude towards firearms.

The latest, oh let's call it an incedent, that I witnessed happened the day after New Years Eve.

The cat was showing off his new handgun and POP!
The round passed through three walls before catching a stud, saving it from entering the apartment cattycorner upstairs.
Blew out the left forearm of his sweatshirt.

What susprised me most was the pause after the bang.
I think we were all waiting for a scream or something.

Handguns and hangovers.

All I could do was laugh.
I was there as a babysitter and didn't partake in the previous nights festivities, and it wasn't my house.

Still, I'm MUCH less worried about bobcats or bears than I am about some of these rambos when out hikeing.
"Listen Will! An Elk!"

In THIS county, as long as your Figures blew straight they'd be in the clear.

"Sweet Jesus, I'm running with the heathen."
The Untouchables

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