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RE: (TFT) TFT Plans for 2009

Hi Ross,
I would be interested in a copy of your database, please.



Chris Nicole

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Subject: RE: (TFT) TFT Plans for 2009
Date: Wed, 28 Jan 2009 21:32:47 -0500

About a year or two ago I was working on some developing an engine to manage
RPG systems.  My friends & I were playing Rolemaster at the time, but it
looked like too complex a system for initial design, I went back to a much
easier to model system, TFT.  I picked up a number of resources from the
various TFT webs site, the tftwiki, the original books, etc, and developed a
little game management system in MS access

I haven't looked at it in over a year, but I've just opened it and noted:

*  I had a Monster/NPC table with 234 records. Designed for encounter charts

*  All of the TFT spells
*  A number of spells from other sources, including my own
*  All TFT skills
*  As much of the known world of Cidri as I could find

I would look at it as a good starting place for your database (It is an MS
access database)

If anyone is interested, I`ll send you a copy.

As far as tiles are concerned, you can`t beat the Heroscape tiles, as long
as you can find them.  I have had difficulty in finding any heroscape stuff
in Northern Ontario or Northern Michigan.   I gave up and started a
warhammer dwarf army instead.  At least you could pick up the stuff
affordably on e-bay, instead of the insanity of heroscape pricing

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