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(TFT) I know!

< I recall that oak saplings were dried and crushed to make a powder. The powder would be put into an open wound. The high tannin content of the powder has some kind of antiseptic affect but the primary action was that the powder caused the blood vessels to constrict and it stopped bleeding.  We all know of the sugar packs and how they've been successfully used to treat infections where antibiotics don't work. The Egyptians put honey in wounds because the sugar content was lethal to most bacteria. Make a tea from the inner bark of a cottonwood tree for vitamin C supplement. >

Yes, that list is FAR from compleate.
Also the list is wound specific, not for pain, illness, etc.
ALSO also, the list is culture specific, in other words that's Orc medicine.

I've got something of a data base put together.
I'd be happy to put it up. (wiki maybe?)
I've put together several of these list type things for abstract Talents.
This one was for a group with a couple 'o churgons (Physicker) and a Naturalist.
They had to go out and deal with the natives, and I wanted info for discriptive purposes so I could demonstrate to an attentive player that the natives had Technology (a package of Talents, Equipment, and Places that appears on the lists once aqquired) that could be traded for.
Much like the Vikings in Greenland who died off in Greenland, while the natives lived on, the players ignored the Orcs ways.

I get the impression that it's the tannin that's the coagulant.
As far as antiseptics go, that's pretty much the main requirement for a spice.
They perserve (hide the taste of) food.
Honney dosen't spoil.
I'd reckon the egyptians made the connection.

Did you ever hear the Phoenician myth/science?
Melkarth (their god, embodiment of all Phonicians) was walking along the shore with his dog.
The excited animal was darting too and fro, inspecting everything then running up to its master with a silly doggie grin before dashing off to the next adventure.
At some point the dog bites a shell and runs up to Melkarth and the god notices a purpel spot on its mouth.
This is why dogs have spots in their mouths and the purple dye that was destened for so many royal garments made Phoenicia fabiously RICH!

Not the Popul Vul, but not shabby.
Who's in charge here?

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