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Re: (TFT) ST and exercise


I don't follow what you're trying to resolve. Are you talking about determining a person's ST based on their ability to perform these exercies if you were to make them into a TFT character? Are you talking about modifying the movement rules based on some real world athletics?


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So let's say I show up at a con, (like planed LAST summer before the 40 curse kicked in...) and actually end up GMing one of these cats?

This provides us with a language without Jay having to learn all the martial arts there are. They tell me what they wanna do, and we break it down using stuff like this as a framework.

> Fitness Levels
A = Athletic (requires Veteran)
B = Fit (requires Warrior)
C = Average

Exercises are categorized into six groups.
1st group; Toe Touches (picking things up)
2nd group; Push Ups
3rd group; Sit Ups
4th group; Backbends
5th group; Prone Movement (Crab-crawl, Kneel-walk, etc.)
6th group; Running (Steam engines, Heal clicks, Knee touches, etc.)
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