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(TFT) Gunpowder Weapons


"The ARQUEBUS...is very clumsy; it takes 4 turns to ready, and 12 turns to reload and ready after firing."

I just wanted to double-check and make sure I'm reading this right. I assume that the difference between "readying" the weapon and "re-loading" the weapon is that you have to "ready" it whenever you want to fire, regardless of whether it's already loaded.

In other words, Sharpe has a loaded arquebus. Conan busts down a door. Behind the door are four orcs. Combat begins and they roll for initiative during the Turn 1 Movement Phase.

Now, my assumption is that even though his arquebus is loaded, Sharpe must spend four consecutive "change weapon" actions before he can fire the arquebus. Then, once it's fired, he must spend twelve more consecutive actions before firing it again.

Am I reading too much into the differenciation between "ready" and "reload"? Is it just "flavor text", not a rules differentiation? In other words, if you have a loaded arquebus, can you fire it on the first turn of combat and then drop it, just like a crossbow?

I haven't found any other clear definition of "ready" in the rules (apart from which weapon you have "readied" in your hands).
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