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(TFT) Ah! What fresh hell is this?

 It seems to be an HP G60-230US Notebook PC, what warms the cockels of my old HP 48GX ueing heart.
I miss reverse Polish notation.

Silverlight huh?

Anyway, I've got some reading to do.

Norton's ALREADY pissed me off straight outta the box.
I've crashed her w/o installing ANYTHING!

HP is just a hop, a skip and a jump away.
The non-documentation, documentation starts "NEED A HAND? Do not return this product. START WITH THE EXPERTS. If there's a problem with your new notebook PC, you have better options than returning it to the store."

It's like they saw me coming...

Anywho, I'd appreacieate any off List tips or tricks for getting legacy stuff going under this Vi$ta < bites tounge >.

Her name is Turring, and she can do this Lightscribe direct labeling.
It says silkscreen quality.
We shall see as that was on of the old mans fine art degrees.

Oh yeah, just for fun.
(updates still downloading)

Champ cars are areodynamicly designed, and obtain such speeds that they could do the driving on the cealing thing.
I was given a figure of 0mph to 100mph to 0mph in around 4 seconds.
Figured on the Bell I've got a back of the envelope of;

0 to 50mph @ 17h

How many hexes in a 5 second turn?

Updates are done!

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