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(TFT) Thoughts on a week or so of Subject lines

The Statistical Mean (x-bar) is given by the summation (greek letter Sigma) of all the observations divided by the total 

number of observations (n).
In TFT for humans this would be (8+9+10+...+16) = 108 / 9 = 12 per stat.

Relations of individual Figure data to the Mean, i.e ST, DX & IQ, is important when dealing with Units and uses Normal 

Distribution (say hello to my little friend Bell Curve).
Variance (s^2) from Normal Distribution is a matter for Populations along with Standard Deviation.


"The results of one trial of a chance event do not affect the results of later trials of the same event."

This is a poor assumption.
Can you make a solid state trial of chance?
But it poops out after awhile just like your'un gonna fall asleep flipping that coin SOMETIME!
Anyway, I find using fST as actual Fatigue instead of Damage works well if the results of one trial of chance affects later 

First Fatiuge, but after (If) that's rested up the practice time lingers on, until the Figure forgets that is.

"The chance that two or more independent events will occur together is the product of their chances of occurring 

"The probability that either of two or more mutually exclusive events will occur is the sum of their probabilities."

In Relativity, the distance between two events is given by;
The square root of (X - x)^2 + (Y - y)^2 + (Z - z)^2 - (T - t)^2
which looks a little like Pythag's in the mirror.
(c^2 huh?)
Now wasn't a common version of programing collision a 4 coordinate algebraic condition like;
(X - x)^2 + (Y - y)^2 + (Z - z)^2 - (G + g)^2 < 0.

In stage lighting X & Y give the center of the light, and Z gives its height, ergo its circumfrence/radius.
I would think overlap will define reach just fine, especally when the effective striking area of the weapon in question can 

be described in Moments of Force.

This isn't in response to much but the Subjects I've noticed since last week or so, I've yet to read the majority of the 

It's also a test of my mail through yet another client.
I figured I'd try some more useful bable for a test this go through.

Old man sittin' on the side of the road
with the lorries passing by.
Blue moon sags under the weight of the load
as the buildings scrape the sky.
Cold wind nipping on the back of your door
when the morning paper flys.
Dead man laying by the side of the road
with the daylight in his eyes.

Don't let it bring you down.
It's only castles burning.
Find someone who is turning.
And you will come around.

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