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Re: (TFT) General test of In The Labyrinth Game Mastering 1

It sounded cool.

1) I didn't know a demon could shape shift into an inanimate object. The best I can figure is this is an image spell to make the demon look like a crossbow bolt while it was invisible.
2) I didn't know a demon would cooperate with anyone long enough to agree to such a plan. I'd think the demon would have just eaten the dude with the crossbow and then gone ahead and eaten anyone else he could find in the town. The best I can figure is the crossbowman was an image spell and the demon teleported to P2. When the crossbowman disappeared it was the end of the image.
3) I was unaware of any rule for getting underneath armor and burrowing to the heart. The best I can figure is the armor was somehow destroyed via the optional AM rule and that the demon had teleported into hand to hand combat. Since P2 was armed with a blunderbuss he wouldn't have gotten a chance to attack the demon before Hand to Hand, but I would think he would still have to roll in case he got a "5" and knocked the demon back.
4) I don't know why the demon auto-hit. If he's in hand to hand a 16, 17 or 18 still miss. The same goes for P2 hitting himself.
5) I don't know why half party damage went to demon and half to character. If in hand to hand the characters attack the demon first at +4 DX, and if they miss they have to roll to miss P2. Area of effects like fire and molotail would effect both demon and P2 equally.

> Finally, from one GM to another, what really happened?

I think the demon was using image spells to make it look like it was fired from a crossbow bolt into P2's chest. It really teleported into P2's hex. Then it teleported out of P2's hex and created an image or an illusion to make it look like it was still there. The party members continued to attack P2 thinking the demon was still there. I don't know where the rule for half damage to each combatant came from. And there are still a number of disrepancies between what really happened and what would have happened if my theory were accurate, so I'm sure I'm wrong. Just my best guess.
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