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Re: (TFT) How far I have fallen, and I can't get up.

  All the forums I have participated in over the past 6 years have really
taken their toll on me.  I have less faith in humanity and have become
more reactionary.  This doesn't help anyone, and evidence shows it has
caused some harm.  So consider this my formal announcement that I have
become a lurker.
David Michael Grouchy II

I don't think I could really become more reactionary as regards humanity... But at these sorts of times, I don't usually just lurk. Instead, I refrain from opinion and just deal in facts. When someone posts contrary to fact, I'll post the fact and cite my source. This seems to help. Forums don't take any toll on me because I control how much I participate, and how much I believe what I read there. Then again, it wouldn't be much like me to announce I was ending posting anywhere. I'd just fade out.
Neil Gilmore
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