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Re: (TFT) 3d6

For me the question why not use a d20 never arises. TFT uses 3d6. It's
simple. It works.

It seems to me that you are just drawn to the d20 for emotive/conditioning
reasons. But I don't agree that an advantage of a d20 is that it is "a gamey
mechanic associated with RPGs". It is simply  a mechanic associated with
D&D. For you, that seems to carry a positive emotional charge. For me, not
so much. So while we are being subjective, I'll just say I like rollling

Others can argue the mathematical niceties which may have been built into
the system - i.e. the  chance of rolling equal to or under 12 on 3d6 is 74%,
vs 60% on d20. Target increments give diminishing returns because of the
bell curve. Did SJ construct the system with enough care to take advantage
of these nuances? I think the onus is on you to demonstrate that he did not,
and that the change in game dynamics by substituting a d20 would be a
positive thing. You might want to look at the typical experience curve in
campaign play here.


> Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2009 16:52:53 -0500
> From: <Gavin@TheFantasyQuest.com>
> Subject: (TFT) 3d6
> Seeing Kirk's birthday announcement last week reminded me of an email
> exchange between him and me recently where we discussed the evils of the
> d20
> vs. the virtues of 3d6 as they apply to TFT (and incidentally, to TFQ).
> Jay and I recently also discussed this matter, and I have wrestled with it
> for years.  Here is my problem: I agree that d6 work great for damage, but
> when rolling to hit I can't see any reason to use 3d6 over 1d20.  I do
> understand that the math is "different", but I don't get why it's "better".
> In my mind it goes like this:
> Merits of 1d20:  Easier to tally, 5% increments, "gamey" mechanic of
> rolling
> a die commonly associated with RPGs.
> Merits of 3d6:  The bell curve
> I hear people say, "The Bell Curve is better because it better demonstrates
> reality" and stuff like that.  But how?  Why?  In what way?
> So here is the challlenge, if anyone will champion the case for 3d6:
> Explain why and how the bell curve works better for TFT than a d20, but do
> this without ever saying the words "Bell Curve".  Give me an example of how
> the bell curve actually applies to melee combat.  And don't tell me "it's
> better!" unless you can explain to me how and why.
> I am trying to find a rationale for keeping the 3d6 mechanic in TFQ, but
> for
> the life of me the only reason that I can find to keep it is this:  I want
> old TFTers to be able to use TFQ materials.
> Any takers?
> Gavin Gossett
> The Fantasy Quest
> TFQ Games
> Gavin@TheFantasyQuest.com
> www.TheFantasyQuest.com
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