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Re: (TFT) 3d6

>From C.F.s' Melee Simulator

She varies by ~2.5% +/-

Victory % ranges from <10% to <80%

Splitting the victory % for large runs of 99 heros paired up for x100 bouts each results in an intresting break between;

ST 16 DX 8 Battle Ax, Chain
@ ~45% Victorys


ST 16 DX 8 Battle Ax, Leather
@ ~50% Victorys

With both Figures coming in at spots 46 and 47 respectivly, for quite a few runs of x100

Of the bottom 46 Figures in Victory % only 5 DX9 or less Figures appear, no Figures with DX 10, 2 with DX 11 and none with DX 12
Thus 39 of the bottom 46 Figures (~85%) have a DX greater than 12

The diffrence (in this kinda 'overall' setup) between Leather and Chain looks to be 5%

I note that Dagger, Rapier, Javlin, Spear, Hammer (broken I think but ends up ~10% better), and Club (discarded for obvious reasons) all appear only in the bottom 46

Of these weapons, when it comes to building CRT's, I note that the javlin is a skirmish weapon and the spear in formation is much more powerful than an isolated spearman.

Still, the message is, 1d6 dam bad!
This seems to imply that all missle units are soften 'em up troops that shoot and run.

High DX, low ST, 1d6 dam disaster!

Unless up against the same...

I still think the best limit is production, either through labour or materal or both.
The 6-fingered man went to Spain (Toledo) to get his sword made.
A trip from Firenze (Florence/Floren) to a little south of Madrid in the center of Esp.
A little less than 1500km maybe in the 1500's?
(about 600km-ish by sea)
(so where are the fire-swamps and the cliffs of insanity?)


I was going somewhere with this, but several bad knocks on the door later I'll try to leave it here.

I still wanna chase up the latest version anyway.

HEY Gavin!

It's just as fair to require a d20 as a bunch of paint for penneys.

You wanna keep the TFT comunity?

KEEP Producing quality COMPONENTS!

I can use your printed map as a practical coaster!

THAT is the deal.

The rules are gonna vary.

a body on the beach can't be the best omen.


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