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Re: (TFT) Death Test, playing to try out Vassal module

Nice little report Chris.

For basic DT, you really want to have 4 40 pt 
characters to reliably make it thru.

Warm regards, Rick

On Fri, 2009-24-07 at 01:49 -0400, Cris Fuhrman wrote:
> Tonight I ran four 34-pt characters through DT to try out the Melee/Wizard
> module for Vassal with some modifications I made to it (added some charts
> and a notes part). I like it better than the other game-playing aids, even
> though it's far from perfect. The interface is intuitive and attractive, and
> the documentation for extending modules is decent. There's a strong
> community in the Vassal engine forums, although a lot of the games are
> chit-type and/or card games.
> As for results of going once again through DT, I never opened the chest in
> the first room (my fear of spiders?), but anyway, my party was dead within
> three more rooms. I ran into some bad luck - a double-damage hit (24 pts)
> from a pole-weapon yielding Orc took out my own pole-weapon fighter in the
> first room, before he even got a second attack... I nearly wanted to start
> over, but as Forrest Gump said, it happens.
> In another room, my horse-bow archer normally has two shots, one of which is
> first off, and he rolled a 17 on the first shot! Took away lots of his
> advantage for that encounter. The spells my wizard took weren't of much use
> for the encounters. I regret not taking Clumsiness...
> I got one triple-damage roll, and it was on a horse-bow that did 1pt of
> damage. The d6 random number generator was stuck on 1 :)
> Finally, the idea of a Gargoyle that tries to engage in HTH any weak-armored
> players is brilliant. It wiped out my wizard, archer and finally my other
> fighter, although it took some time. The wiz was done in one round, and once
> my archer had to drop his bow in HTH, he was worthless and took a couple of
> turns, even though he disengaged a few times and managed to ready his
> dagger... My last fighter was weakened from previous rooms and had the
> Gargoyle down to 3 ST before giving up the ghost himself in HTH.
> The rule about entering HTH from movement seems too unfair if attacking is
> allowed on the same turn that HTH is entered, especially with an MA 16
> monster who will disengage the single remaining fighter to try to go after
> the cowering light-armored players who stay back. I tried to play where the
> Gargoyle doesn't get to attack on the first round it enters HTH. Basic Melee
> says entering HTH is option a) (which technically disallows any other action
> that round), although in the part about HTH rules it says a figure enters
> HTH during movement and attacks during combat, implying the same round.
> Anyway, I have a new respect for Gargoyles. I will try this all again soon.
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