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(TFT) Question about dropping your weapons in hth

My first question is when you enter hand to hand combat, both fighters drop
their weapons except for daggers.   If you kill your opponent, at the end of
the round you will still be prone, right?  How many turns after that will it
take to pick up your weapons?  In Advanced Melee, they say if you are knocked
down, you may stand up and do nothing.  So would that mean that you have to
wait another turn to pick up your weapons?  So the turns would go like this:

Turn 1: Enter hth, drop weapons
Turn 2: Lucky hit, and kill opponent.  Still prone.
Turn 3: Stand up and do nothing.
Turn 4: Pick up your weapons.

The only thing that has me a bit confused is the wording of "prone" and
"knocked down."  When it says rise from a knocked down position and do
nothing, I think that refers to taking 8 points of damage in a turn, right?
It does mention that if you go prone involuntarily, you can only get up and do
nothing too.  Does getting into hth count as involuntary?  Or can you then get
up and take your weapons in one turn?

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