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Re: (TFT) Do certain actions delay your turn? (regarding adjDX)

This was discussed not long ago. Apparently there is some evidence that DX adjustments other than armor do affect action order, but I've never seen it played that way outside this list and personally, I think it would be a mistake to do so except for things that reduce the character's base DX for all situations, such as armor and encumbrance, or an Aid spell, or something like that. If it's a choice of target, including facing effects or whatever, then it seems a bad idea to have it affect action order because:

1) It doesn't make sense to me that it would have that effect.
2) It creates a weird and way too complex situation where you need to consider all characters' possible actions and their DX adjustments to determine who acts when. No longer does the highest DX go first if anyone within 4 DX of them has a possible target they get +4 DX against, for example. So instead of everyone acting in DX order, every potential action by everyone in order of their DX to succeed? I think not.

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