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RE: (TFT) Do certain actions delay your turn? (regarding adjDX)

Hmm... that's all really interesting.  I've always played it with just facing,
injuries, and magic being able to increase your DX for your turn.  I like it
because he kind of simulates the flow of battle.  Plus it allows slower
characters in heavy armor to perform better by taking advantage of battle
opportunities (attacking a knocked down figure for example).

Although now that I think about it, it would be fun to add in all the
modifiers.  That would actually give more penalties to sweeping blows or aimed
shots.  I guess it's kind of realistic that they would have to wait a bit to
get a good swing, or wait for that opening.  But then again, that is a lot of
record keeping for something so simple.  Is there anything specifically in the
books that say something about DX modifiers and turn order?  From what I've
read it seems kind of subjective.

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