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Re: (TFT) D&D Heroscape

Hum. Immense work and dedication to something crummy seems rather like 
a wasteful pity to me. Though much of the content in D&D seemed as bad
as the system, to me. 

I wonder what it would've been like if tons and tons of TFT content 
had been made. I think I still would've preferred to play player-made 
campaigns, though we might possibly have done less of that if there was 
tons available on sale. I can imagine that the same group of players
who ended up having great campaigns they made themselves, might instead
have played lame bought modules and not have created their own nor had
such a good time. Just a thought, though.

--- denisdesharnais@gmail.com wrote:

> ...  Now that I'm middle-aged and appreciate well-constructed war
games, I realize the rules are godawful and the potential for abuse is
remarkable.  Still, G1-3, D1-3 and Q1, World of Greyhawk etc, are
pretty remarkable in scope.  It's like reading Burroughs - you can
question the artistry, but the sheer dedication of the creators to
their strange framework is hard to impeach.

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