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(TFT) Made it through DT1 with one 36-pt and three 34-pt fighters

Here's a combo that got me through Death Test 1 tonight (apologies for the
lame names):

Bow-son: ST 12, DX 16(14) IQ 8, Leather, light x-bow, Broadsword
Velveeta: ST 14, DX 12(10) IQ 8, Leather, 2-h sword, Halberd
Jabber: ST 12, DX 14(12) IQ 8, Leather, Lg Shld, Broadsword
Pokey: ST 13, DX 13(11) IQ 8, Leather, Halberd, Morningstar

I followed the no-wizard advice (wise, but less interesting). Also, even
though my x-bow guy was 36 pts, he didn't take much damage, so he could have
survived with no armor, meaning I could have made him 34pts and still got
the 1 xbow shot/turn @ adjDX=14. Actually, the only damage he took was when
he got jumped in HTH by a pesky Gargoyle. Luckily everyone was near when it
happened, so the Gargoyle got hacked up in one round.

I used defending and dodging quite a lot, especially against low-dex baddies
like Giants. Double-damage from the pole-weapon guy was successful at least
3 times. According to my turn counter, it was more than 15 rounds of combat.

FYI, this is all "play testing" of a Death Test 1 extension I made for the
Fantasy Trip module to VASSAL. When the updated parts are all released,
it'll be possible to play FT/DT in real-time on the VASSAL server, if anyone
is interested.

Cris Fuhrman, http://www.google.com/profiles/fuhrmanator
Sent from Mont-Royal, QC, Canada
Stephen Leacock<http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/s/stephen_leacock.html>
- "I detest life-insurance agents: they always argue that I shall some
die, which is not so."
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