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(TFT) I got 3 TFT(ish) modules for $20 ! - and Happy Halloween

The list has been a little quiet lately, so I thought I'd wish everyone a Happy Haloween.

Also, wanted to share a link


to an online game seller where I recently obtained Forest Lords of Dihad, Within the Tyrants Demesne, and City of the Sacred Flame, for $5, $7, and $7, respectively.

There is a small selection of other older gaming goods there too (like Haven, and old Judges Guild stuff) - very dangerous for me to peek around in there. 

Not sure where I got the link, it may even have been on this list, but now that I poked around and found cool stuff, I wanted to share.

WRT the modules, I am glad to have them, they were fun to read - definitely right out of 1882 metagaming layout, although the Gamelord books use a different font.

I can  not see myself using hese now, but I totally would have set a campaign "beyond the mountains" back in the day.

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