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Re: (TFT) I got 3 TFT(ish) modules for $20 ! - and Happy Halloween

I've been very buzzy the last few months.
I've done a lot of work on the game also, but I've broken TFT compleatly and am not sure that my junk is appropiate (if it ever was).
Case in point; movement dosen't work in TFT.

Here's some info...

The twelve foot horse stride is the average length of stride for show horses in this country and abroad, it can be walked by humans, who are believed to have an average step of three foot. Every four human steps, should thus equal one average horse stride. Riders may determine an amount of strides in a line by "walking the distance." When a rider walks a line, they must first judge their landing point. Horses will usually land out from a jump the same height as the obstacle, for example; if a horse jumps a five foot fence, they will approximately land five feet from the jump. Some riders use their judgement and pick the spot they believe their horses will land on, others determine landing points, by taking a landing step first, before actually walking the strides, this is done by placing your back against the fence and taking an initial step before counting out the four steps to one.

Once the landing point is established, a rider will pace off four of his own three foot steps and this will be stride one for his animal. The rider/trainer will continue to do this until he arrives at the second obstacle in the line. Every four of his steps equal one stride until take off. Take off points, are usually similar to landing points, the same height as the jump.


Ancient humans exploited the fact that humans are good runners in the heat, Dr. Bramble said. We have such a great cooling system  many sweat glands, little body hair.

There is other evidence that evolution favored endurance running. A study in The Journal of Experimental Biology last February showed that the short toes of the human foot allowed for more efficient running, compared with longer-toed animals. Increasing toe length as little as 20 percent doubles the mechanical work of the foot. Even the fact that the big toe is straight, rather than to the side, suggests that our feet evolved for running.

The big toe is lined up with the rest, not divergent, the way you see with apes and our closest nonrunning relatives, Dr. Bramble said. Its the main push-off in running: the last thing to leave the ground is that big toe.


"Measure the distance between the front and rear foot on the same side and double it. A walking animal's stride is a bit longer than its hip-to-shoulder length." If the rear feet are landing just behind, ahead, or right on top of the front prints, your critter was probably on the run.

Gaits are therefore described by stride length, which can be measured directly from trackways, and by the relative size of the animals. This relationship between size and stride length is termed relative stride length "l /h, where l represents length of stride and hrepresents the trackmaker's height at the hip" (Thulborn 1989).

Gaits are generally believed be l /h < 2.0 for walking, l /h = 2.0 for a trot and l /h > 2.9 for a run (Thulborn, 1984). Hip height can be estimated using a number of methods; in the geometric method suceeding footprints ('X' and 'Y') are assumed to be the base of an isosceles triangle. 'H' represents hip height.

The morphometric method was suggested by Alexander (1976). Alexander assumed from estimates of foot joint features that hip height was four times the length of the hind footprint for dinosaurs, whether bipedal or quadrupedal. This can be regarded as a crude, but useful ratio.


U.S. Men's Shoe Size - Inches
6 - 9.31
6.5 - 9.5
7 - 9.69
7.5 - 9.81
8 - 10
8.5 - 10.19
9 - 10.31
9.5 - 10.5
10 - 10.69
10.5 - 10.81
11 - 11
11.5 - 11.19
12 - 11.31
12.5 - 11.5
13 - 11.69
13.5 - 11.81
14 - 12
14.5 - 12.19
15 - 12.31






Also, this is a wonderful database on the English army during the reign of Henery the V.
Check out the profiles.
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