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(TFT) Why is TFT movement broken?

MA 10 (12 w/Running) can't handel the simpelest of "athletic" situations, i.e. a footrace.
Any GM wanna speak on the odds of winning the innitave?
Seems like a sucky way to resolve such a contest.
IMHO ST,DX & IQ are better descriptions of "levels" than they are of "randomly generated statistics".
From my studies, it seems that what is "random" is the size and physical
attributes of the individual, or Figure.
Physical attributes + Tallents = ST, DX or IQ
I know it's goofy, but it works too well to ignore.
I'm sick and tired of the standard pratcise of just hanging more numbers on the Stats just because it's fantasy.
It's like a GM pulling gold or monsters outta the air.
Casualities COUNT!
Elseif see the South Park satire of WoW.
View hunting records in your area if'n you wanna get on board with this...

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