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Re: (TFT) Why is TFT movement broken for Jay, and great for John?

Perhaps because they are looking for different things.

MA 10 (12 w/Running) can't handel the simpelest of "athletic" situations, 
i.e. a footrace.
Any GM wanna speak on the odds of winning the innitave?
Seems like a sucky way to resolve such a contest.

See, that kinda depends on what you mean by "footrce", and "handle".

Sure, TFT does not indicate how to adjudicate a 200 yard race on a track with a starting gun, but that doesn't mean one cannot include such a contest in a campaign.  TFT is straightforward eough that it is pretty easy to adapt. 

First off, an unarmored elf with running - MA 14, just flat out always outruns a prootwadle in plate over 200 yards (barring some crazy mishap, naturally).

But 2 MA 10 humans, I'd adapt the system easy enough, roll 3D under target atribute (dx or st is OK with me) for each 50 yds, with a success indicating a successful run, and non-debacle failure meaning the other guy got a step on you with margin of success as the tie-breaker. TFT is such a clean and simple sytem that porting in this type of multi-action contested roll into a TFT mechanic is easy as pie.

But that may not be the only type of footrace...

Lets say John and his prootwattles are fighting Jay and his kobolds, and we both want to secure a little footbridge 20 feet away.  We each cleave an opponent in twain, becoming unengaged at the start of next round.  We both have enough movement to get there, so really, the guy who jumps out first is likely to get postion on the other guy.  In that case, initiative seems like a good way to resolve it.  If jay jumps out first, he can get to the foot of the bridge in 1/2 his move, or get onto the bridge with one more move (meaning he no longer has approachable side hexes, but also has no action phase this round).  But Johnis going to be right on his butt so he cannot get to the bridge without getting blasted. 

 That is where the tactical game comes in, deciding what to do, and what consequences you want to accept.  

And in that case, if Jay has paid for tactician, so he gets a plus 1 initiative (faster at assessing the situation and realization of the value of getting to the choke-point) he is totally entitled to getting the jump on John.  Of course John spent that point on warrior, and is toting a halberd, so Jay may well regret getting there first just to take a charge attack.  But the point is, if he wins initiative (which he may, what with the bonus and all) he gets to make that choice.

Anyway, Jay, TFT's movement might be "broken" for the uses you envision, but as my examples hopefuly demonstrate, it is pretty un-broken for my purposes.

And on another note, I just love chokepoints.  bridges, stairways and ramps, intersecting tunnels for crossfire, and once you get the other guys pinned down someplace, fire-hex, baby.  Of course, my players use all the same tactics, and more. No battle is ever boring around here.

I like that TFT is clean and simple, and that tactics like that all matter so much more, as a result.  And are easy to model - just like footraces - IMO.

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