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Re: (TFT) Glamour Survey

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Subject: Re: (TFT) Glamour Survey

I think of glamour as an illusion, meaning it involves the belief of the viewers, similar to how TFT Image does when nothing is there. So reality isn't affected, and the physical sense organs and even actions correspond to reality (giving someone a much taller glamour doesn't have someone fire too high when aiming at the head, for example), but what people think is going on in their minds is different. So the viewer's eyes see the elf getting undressed but their mind has a picture of an armored man getting out of armor.

got ya Peter (and HI by the by)

A perfectly valid interp imho, but also a point about how too much vagueness can leave two people who came into the situation thinking they were both playing TFT a little frustrated. I feel that the duration of that spell is enough of an advantage for me as a GM to judge it as more of a image rather than an illusion, ergo our physicker would expect to "feel" armor where there is none, instead his fingers reach past the image until they feel leg. Of course the kind of Image I'm talking about is like an IQ 5 spell because there's no smell, sound or touch... or taste I suspose... IQ 4 perhaps. Magic is very tough stuff to define, mainly because it's a game "device" but also because its actual workings are undescribed beyond effect. For example I group Staff, Aid, Ward and Lock/Knock together with the Create spells. Imo Staff is the 1st magic item a Wizard learns to produce, Aid is a pratical adventuring application of the aid given by apprentices while Ward and Lock/Knock are simmilary practical applications of the cantrips used to fix energys (ST pts) to the magic item durring the process.
This colours the hell outta how I judge those spells in my gameworld.
I'm not saying that everybody should play like I do, I'm saying that we need better communication for our head pictures to get on the same sheet of imagination sometimes, elseif one side of the intelectual exchange comes off feeling cheated or something like that. Most people think the diffrence between 1.3m and 1.5m is no big deal and pretty much means the same thing.
Maybe I am anal.
I figure just use the Traveler range-bands if you don't wanna use scaled movement. If you just want to sit there and tell me a story then don't make me go through the motions of rolling up a character, tell me so ahead of time so I can fail to be there.
I'd rather get people together to particapate in creating a story.
I realise I sound like I'm half-baked with most of this stuff, but if my stuff is in the ballpark then players don't have to do a bunch of math to make things in the gameworld, they can build them with Lego's for instance and it translates on the fly pretty well as long as our units are straight.

I'd suggest that a possable reason for the diffrence twixt an image and an illusion might be that an Image is actually "created" in the gameworld in the same way that a holographic image is created (w/magic rather than tech, although energy requirements should be the same) while an Illusion is an actual manipulation of the mind of those "viewing" the illusion.
Here's the rub.
What if I only want people to get one sense involved?
I live on the beach, we have a physical alarm system (horns) for big waves.
What if I wanna make a tsunami warrning sound for the area?
1 ST per hex radius?
1 ST per hex affected?
If a STpt is spent in the woods and there is nobody around to hear it is it still spent?

Am I just crazy?

This was ment to be a quick answer that turned phlisophical... it's intresting questions though nie?
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