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(TFT) Re: Glamour Survey

At 20:24 -0500 1/15/10, Richard wrote:
Happy 2010! I figured I would make my first post of the new year a kind of a survey. Below are ten events that might happen while a figure is Glamored (englamored?). In each event, I'm curious to know how you would "describe what a spectator would witness" if a Glamor spell exists on our Hero. Assume that the Hero's Glamor is of an human knight in half-plate, and that the Hero is actually an elf with no armor.

1. Hero takes off their real clothes.

"Limited illusion" cannot divide - the pieces of armor the hero appears to be taking off vanish (or turn into scraps of green cloth) as his hand leaves them.

2. Hero is suddenly drenched by a large container of Gatorade.

Looks like Gatorade splashing off of armor.

3. Wizard who cast the Glamor spell dies.

Glamor remains, the last work and memory of the departed wizard.

4. Hero is injured and a physicker attempts to heal their wounds.

Physicker thinks he's peeling back armor, when it's actually just elf-clothes he's unstrapping. He probably doesn't notice that the parts on the ground aren't armor.

5. Remove Thrown Spell is cast upon our Hero.

Armor "melts and flows" back into elf-clothes. Hero shrinks, turns green, gets pointy ears.

6. The Hero is wrapped in Tin Foil, conforming to their physical form. (would we see human or elf)

Tinfoil over armor.

7. Hero is weighed.

We think he weighs what a hero in armor weighs. But an inanimate trap, set to trigger on weight greater than an elf, inexplicably fails to trigger. (As an illusion won't trigger a trap.)

8. Hero drops his Great Sword, which is really only a short sword.

Turns short as it leaves his fingertips. We don't notice.

9. Enemy spy tries to read emotions in the Hero's face.

Reads whatever the elf is feeling, but poorly if the helmet obscures most of the hero's features.

10. Enemy successfully disbelieves on initial encounter. (do they notice the glamor being dispelled, or do they just see the elf, or does the spell break for everyone)

Ineffective, the spell persists (that's not one of the 3 ways to make it go away). If the disbeliever has good reason, he could try using sling stones against the hero, which would be ineffective against half-plate, but inexplicably kill the elf eventually.

In less obtuse words, I pretty much second pvk and Jay!

At 20:24 -0500 1/15/10, Richard wrote:
Sorry, I forgot to say an "Enemy with Magesight" for #10.

Same answer as above.

For the Gatorade question, I was curious about the state of the glamor when wet. Does it get wet and dry according to normal physics?

It looks like it does. The elf would get wetter than the hero looks like he gets.

At 20:24 -0500 1/15/10, Jay wrote:
My basic thought is that this is strictly a picture kind of thing, ergo to
bring this thing off compleatly for long periods of time would require all
sorts of backup spells/items/tallents like Ventriloquest, Disguise and any
tallents the Glamor copys, like being able to run if your susposed to have

To be convincing, illusions would have to have good smell and sound simulations, so I'd carry that over onto Glamor. I'd say voice timbre and accent are supplied by the Glamor. However, specific knowledge, talents (like Running, Warrior, Weapon Talents, etc.) are not, so an englamoured elf would not necessarily pass a "human Turing Test", and englamoring me to look like an orcish guard isn't going to make me get along with the guard's friends for long (I won't know the in-jokes, the passwords, or any adventures shared in the past).
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