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Re: (TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor

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Subject: Re: (TFT) Price of new Magic Item - Paramount Armor

I think it's pretty dreadful because stacking armor levels can make a figure nearly invulnerable by many weapons unless they roll double or triple damage. This lets such people stop even that possibility. I would at least limit it to stopping one such effect per some period of time, at least a minute, and/or require being re-energized.

Stacking armour means stacking weight.
I've come to view 1pt of basic damage in TFT as causing 1pt of fST to a Figure. The idea is that as your opponet becomes more fatigued the potential for injury incresses. As I understand plate armour a suit of tourney plate was siginifacently heaver than a suit made for combat because mobility was deemed more important than dirrect protection on the battlefield. It apparently wasn't uncommon for a knight in plate to be able to chase down an unarmoured archer for instance, but I'll bet I know who would win a marathon race twixt the two.
Also, Mr. invulnerable armour still has to sleep, eat, etc.
He's not gonna have his armour donned 24/7/365.
The Dark Lord would probably try something like New Follower on a squire or the like to get poision in his food. In other words, just because you can't beat them on the battlefield doesn't mean they can't be beaten. Also, I reckon that a spell that can penatrate said effect would be high on the research queue of an opposing Wizards Guild.
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