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(TFT) If at first you don't succeed maybe you shouldn't keep banging your head against the brick wall?

I've been running an actual open campagin rather than specific playtest secenarios for a couple of weeks now.

I've got twentysomethings as players that are rooted in the d20 D&D stuff and want dungon-crawls.
They want to play as they've been trained.
I get it, but it's created a problem for my Dark Lord concept.
When the players behave in a-holeish ways then the Dark Lord starts to become a literal antihero.
I had concieved of him as a kind of Dan Halen vs. stupid players.
It turns out that against these cats the Dark Lord looks more like this guy.
Even so I keep getting Jonny Snow rather than AT LEAST Captian Hammer...
I guess I don't "get" people... a bad sign for someone endevoring to write for said people.
IME (in my experience) people don't want to play "roles" other than themselves, people want to be themselves in fantasy situations and see spectulative games through that viewpoint. OF COURSE they are better than most people in their view of themselves... aren't YOU?
Ergo, I should play to the powers that be...

Would that I could be a shill but I can't so I won't... "please forgive me if I don't... I want this simple thing understood... I would if I could but I can't so I won't" I've ruined it for me and you because you likely don't want to play in my world and probably can't handel me as a player in yours in an entertaining fashion. My fault for putting too much... whatever into the whole "game" thing I figure.
Alignment will bow to me eventually like all other game aspects...
Wa ha ha ha ha...
I've been getting pointers from Vintage Dirts singer myself.
Just saying. =====
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