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Re: (TFT) old school D&D Dieties vs TFT standard characters

I'm gonna show exactly how low I am in the RPG world hierarchy.

Tierra's 3/2 round attacks is because of level, which would equate to a
blade and fencing skills if he were using a sword.  I'm not sure Polearm is
really an equivalent.  He's also a 5th level bard, and a 9th level ranger,
which means he's got spells, and spell-like abilities.  If memory serves,
the "Bard" class in Deities was not meant to imply the various other skills
that went with being a bard (i.e. thief skills of 5-8 level, or Fighter
skills of equivalent level), but that the character had the skills that went
with being a full fledged bard (after emerging from the dual-class cocoon).

I say all of this acknowledging that everyone will have their own
interpretation and translation.  I would just tend to favor a more "mythic,"
singular quality to this type of character.  After all, he did go down in
history ... except that the Kalevala was almost certainly ... um .. heavily
"adapted" by its collector, Elias Lvnnrot.  The Epic of Gilgamesh it ain't.

So, yes, in 1980 I was a snot-nosed 11 year-old boy who lived and breathed
AD&D, and only recently began to appreciate the elegance of the TFT system.

On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 9:35 PM, PvK <pvk@oz.net> wrote:

> LOL that's great! I love it.
> Reminds me though of the D&D player who wanted to use his character in my
> GURPS game, and converted it for me (using his own ideas about what was
> reasonable) with notes such as, "Yes, he has Very Fine +5 flaming swords,
> but these are not very expensive items in GURPS..."
> I've mentioned this on the list before, but I noticed that when I gave
> players characters to play who were just people from the setting with
> typical abilities, they tended to have much more fun than when I let them
> spend a bunch of points making some fantasy character with random powerful
> abilities that had no convincing back-story. Even when they had a huge
> backstory, usually the problem was that they had just made up the
> during character creation, as opposed to actually having played that
> character and gained their abilities during play, so that they didn't
> know how to be that person.
> --- david_michael_grouchy_ii@hotmail.com wrote:
> ...
>  At that point my players will start advizing them.  "You better bring a
> few
> wishes too, Mike's probably gonna kill your character a couple of times."
> "What!" the outraged player says "How do you kill Galactus!?!?"
> A chuckle from the players is heard around the table.
> A knowing player then tells him "With a character from the Game Toon."
> Everyone around the table nods.
> Another players says "Have you ever fought Rocky the Squirrel?"
> Everyone looks grim.
> One of the younger players says "You can't kill a toon, you know.  Not
> permenantly."
> Another says "Don't worry.  If you encounter a toon, just make up a song
> that
> usually works on them."
> ...
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