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Re: (TFT) all over the map

----- Original Message ----- From: "Mark Tapley"

LOL! Jay, I mean no disrespect, but I just don't think you are a
Steve Jackson-esque microgame designer. I see you more as a James
Dunnigan-esque, monster game designer.

hee hee hee, a comparison to Jim Dunnigan is supposed to bother me?
I'd like to be able to translate TFT stats and scale into a Dunnigan type game and vice versa allowing me some tools to describe Mavrick and Goose's volleyball game for a play session every once and awhile.
Or what happens when Mavrick becomes the C.O. of Top Gun school?
IMO all games could potentially benifit from at least a nod to the RPG pov.
The day after purchasing Boardwalk Uncle Pennybags walks into his office to find his safe blown open and the deed missing...

Have you read the rules to
"Air War"? I suspect you'd enjoy it, if you can find a copy.

Yeah... it's out there and I'll snag it but it'll be a few weeks at best.
I'm currently useing a WWI biplane model for flights of stuff like groups of wizards but have little grasp on fitting jet pursuit and etc. so it should be informative if your saying the playability was good. That "universal" tag is a real bear... so I just try and find games I enjoy and tie them together rather than reinvent the wheel over and over and over...
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