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Re: (TFT) Reality in Melee (The Space Gamer #20, 1978), Elephants in war

The other very large difference is that in 1000 and 1300 wars are
not particularly fought for land, they're fought for money. By 1500,
the wars are explicitly about taking land. (Not that land didn't get
taken previously, but the main thrust was money, not land. In the
later period, it's about land, not money.)

"Thats why I simplified the Knight side of things down to 'pre 1500'
and 'post 1500.' War changed a lot in those times, obviously, but the
overall nature of war from a knights perspective wasn't that different
in up to 1000 and up to 1300, as it was essentially skirmishes between
knights in both periods."

To cover 100 years I count in generations.
I call a generation 20 years.
The idea is that, at their prime, a Figure might have themselves, parents, grand-parents, children, and grand-children all alive at the same time.
Not necessary but possable.

The "generation gap" becomes a measure of how much the tech-tree expands between generations.

Also, money is land... primary production requires the area to harvest.
The smaller the force the more they want to focus on the processed goods.
A dungeon crawl is rarely about getting raw materials.
As the forces involved become larger they become more interested in the source of the money rather than a particular shipment of monies.
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