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Re: (TFT) Scoop/throw

On Sunday, July 31, 2011, John wrote:
> I think you have missed a trick, Jay.  As I understand it, picking up a
dropped weapon, or scooping one on the go, lets you pick it up, but it is
not ready until the start of the next turn.

Under Actions I can move a disengaged Figure 2 hexes and g) READY NEW
WEAPON, reslinging old weapon, or picking up dropped weapon in same hex.
If said Figure has Thrown Weapons then the Talent specifically states that
they can throw a weapon on the same turn that they ready it.
I don't feel I'm into house rules with that part.

As far as more complicated Actions like picking up a weapon on the run, or
throwing two weapons in 1 turn, I suppose that this would enter into the
realm of house rules, but if a Figure w/Thrown Weapons can walk forward
about 3 paces, pickup a weapon and throw it in 5 seconds then I'd think
Figures with additional Talents like Acrobatics should be able to attempt
more complicated Actions than that.
I'd be a bit ticked if a 3 point Talent was only good for climbing and not
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