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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V4 #157

On Monday, August 1, 2011, Mark Tapley wrote:
> Jay wrote:
>> So how about taking Slippery Floor and using it in a swimming situation?
>        This seems like a totally brilliant idea to me!

Why thank you.
I've been working on a concept of magic that allows players to manipulate
spells to customize effects to a given situation.
This kind of control is implied somewhat in the Spell Table like in the
description of the Fire spell.
It's certainly in the "house rules" category.

>        So if I understood what Jay said, he thinks option 1g allows a
character to move 1 hex, grab up a dropped weapon, ready, and (if the
character knows thrown weapons) throw it, all on the same turn. I agree. (If
I were trying to start an argument again, I might bring up Two Weapons, but
it's probably safer to restrict that to the "house rules" category...)

Uhhh yes.
Turns out I'z reading the Actions list off of the GM screen that gives the
g) option as move up to 2 hexes but that's somewhat questionable as SJ
wasn't involved at that point.
Under AM it is just 1 hex of movement.
My bag for grabbing the screen and not the book, although I'm not actually
wrong there.
I too prefer the SJ version to the HT changes for the most part, although I
still maintain that the thing never really got "finished".
Anyway, thanks for pointing out the discrepancy Mark and sorry for the
confusion John.
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