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(TFT) Swimming in hexes

Im using that Square-hex form for what Im talking about here.

So I consider the Joe Average Hero Figure to stand six feet in height.
Lay them out to swim (or fly) and they take up more than a hex from toe to
With arms out-stretched the area gets larger.
So in the rough count the Figure J.A. Hero would have his feet at the side
of a hex, his navel roughly across the opposite hex-side, the top of his
head near the center of the next hex and his arm-reach close to the second
hexside in line.
In other words, Joe Hero basically stretches across 2 full hexes with their
arms stretched out in front.
The kind of windmill motion of the arms sweeps out roughly a hex and a half
area viewed in this non-breaststroke way.

Does this make any sense?
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