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Re: (TFT) chances of doing very little damage

At 23:32 -0400 8/3/11, Neil wrote:
In my experience, cutting with sharps does rely very much on edge

I have an idea that the ideal blow with a sharp weapon is not only edge-on, but also with the edge translating in (possibly out, but far less likely) along the length of the sword, so that it "slices" into the armor/whatever. That way the direct damage to the target is done not only by "wedging" as with a razor blade or axe, but also "sawing" as with a bread knife or when slicing a turkey (but only in one direction).

Is that true, or is that an embellishment that is practically never achievable in actual combat?

If true, could it account for some of the instances of "wicked" vs. "dud" chops with PvK's broadswoard?

	This may be getting a bit far afield of TFT, but I'm curious.
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