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Re: (TFT) chances of doing very little damage

On Thursday, August 4, 2011, Joey Beutel wrote:
> That sorta sounds like Aces and Eights for Western games... That was a fun
system, but it was quickly discovered (realistically) that any sort of
gunfight taking place between two guys on an open street... think a
'duel'... quickly resulted in almost everyone being dead or very badly
injured, usually after the first second or so.

How close? ... pistols are "up close and personal" weapons... more like very
long daggers than distance target optimizers really...

> Oh, and if a guy had a rifle, he could basically just shoot people on
sight (from a distance) and usually win.
> Realistic, but we ended up having to add in 'cover' which felt 'unwestern'
to some people.... which is strange.

Genera verses real-world for the "un-western" opinions... you need to either
commit to "shocking" folks or frame the adventure more to the "real" flavor
if running "John Wayne" western guys.

Clint dedicated "Unforgiven" to Sergio, who got to frame the shooter and
victim in the same picture which american censors disallowed at the time...

The film "looked" different as a result.

Adventures are WAY subject to this.

I've seen YouTube stuff about "celebrity" RPG sessions.

The poor, conceptually locked, "this is all the medium can do", fools.
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