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(TFT) Jay's a bit Loony over the weekend

A Loony idea for Downtime.

The Little People can be relentless sometimes.
I dont mind it so much most of the time but every once and awhile I get
stuck with something that I dont care so much for while awake but
apparently cant let go of when asleep.
They really seem to like Loony Labs Fluxx.
The best way to purge that stuff is to write it soooo

Lets put this under the Universials Worlds-wide Trading Company umbrella.
Its cards.

I used 3 x 5 inch index cards.
The deck is made up of the following.

1 BASIC RULE (Shuffle and deal 3 cards to each player to start.) Draw 1,
Play 1

Draw 2
Draw 3
Draw 4
Play 2
Play 3
Play All
Keeper Limit 2
Keeper Limit 3
Keeper Limit 4
Hand Limit 0
Hand Limit 1
Hand Limit 2
Rich Bonus (if player has the most Keepers then Play +1)
Burghers Bonus (if player has neither the most nor fewest Keepers then
either Draw +1 or Play +1)
Peasant Bonus (if player has the fewest Keepers then Draw +1)
Empty Hand (Draw 3 then follow Rules)
Stockpile (Inventory 1 Goods Keeper)

20 Actions
Take Profits (Inventory 1 Goods Keeper)
Market Glut (all players Inventory 1 Goods Keeper)
Seize Goods (Inventory ANY 2 Goods Keepers)
Exchange Keepers
Taxation (each player must give you 1 card)
Go Fish
Draw 2 And Use Them
Everybody Gets 1 Card
Trash a Keeper (discard ANY Keeper)
Draw 3, Play 2
Use What You Take (take a Card at random from another player and Play it)
Steal a Keeper
Counsel Meeting (Vote to remove or amend a New Rule in play)
Discard a New Rule (Vote)
Uh What Were We Just Doing? (leaving New Rules and Keepers in play,
reshuffle the Discard Pile, players Hands, and the current Goal and deal
each player 3 Cards)
Blight! (all Wheat Keepers in play are discarded)
Lets Simplify (Vote to discard up to half the New Rules in play)
Lets Do That Again (remove any New Rule or Action from the Discard Pile and
Play it)
Rotate Hands (players choice right or left)
Emergency Counsel Meeting (propose change to ANY Card and Vote)

22 Keepers
Burgher Support (Group, 1 Vote)
Weavers (Group, 1 Vote)
Moneylenders (Group, 1 Vote)
Peasants (Group)
Teamsters and Longshoremen (Group, 1 Vote)
Wizards Guild (Institution, 1 Vote)
Merchants Quarter (Institution, 1 Vote)
Town Counsel (Institution, 1 Vote)
Wool (Good)
Mutton (Good)
Beer (Good)
Wine (Good)
Wheat (Food)
Wheat (Food)
Wheat (Food)
Wheat (Food)
Wheat (Food)
The Grand Wizard (NPC, 1 Vote)
The Count (NPC, 1 Vote)
The Mayor (NPC, 1 Vote)

25 Goals
A Very Good Year  Beer, Wine  (Inventory)
Counting Sheep  Wool, Mutton  (Inventory)
Your Ship Comes In  3 Goods  (Inventory)
Buying Favor  1 Good, Unification  (Inventory, Moral +)
Bread and Circuses  Wheat, Unification (Moral +, Moral +)
A Memorable Feast  Wheat, Wine  (Moral +, Moral +)
The People Revere the Grand Wizard  Peasants, The Grand Wizard  (Moral +,
The People Love the Count  Peasants, The Count  (Moral +, Vote)
Outside Influence  The Grand Wizard, The Count  (Vote, Vote)
Money Meets Magic  Merchants Quarter, Wizards Guild  (Vote, Vote)
The Grand Wizard Provides  The Grand Wizard, Wheat  (Vote, Moral +)
The Count Provides  The Count, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
The Guild Provides  The Wizards Guild, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
The Counsel Provides  The Town Counsel, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
The Merchants Provide  The Merchants Quarter, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
The Bankers Provide  Moneylenders, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
The People Provide  Peasants, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
The Teamsters Provide  Teamsters and Longshoremen, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
The Weavers Provide  Weavers, Wheat - (Vote, Moral +)
Bumper Crop  3 Wheat  (Moral + x3)
Discontent  ANY Group, Unrest, Wheat  ( Moral -, propose Basic Rule
change, Vote)
The Peoples Mandate  Peasants, no Unrest in Play  (change New Rule)
Loose Change  Peasants, Moneylenders  (Moral +, Vote)
Economic Policy  Town Counsel, Moneylenders  (Vote, Vote)
Upper-class Support  Mayor, Burgher Support  (Vote, Vote)

15 Events
Short Term Weather
Long Term Weather
Goblin Raid
Goblin Raid
Goblin Raid
Goblin Raid
Goblin Raid
Goblin Raid
Goblin Raid
Goblin Raid

So thats 100 cards plus the Basic Rule thats always in play.

Each turn of card-play represents a week of game-time.
Ive taken the basic idea from the Fluxx card-game from Loony Labs.
However, the Little People seem to be insistent that the thing be tied to
Goblin which Ive done some work to tie to TFT.

As I see it the location for Goblin is in North England and is on the
extremes of the Counts hinterlands with a focus on food production for the
more settled areas of his holdings.
This Deck is a first stab at Lake Shore, the 2 towns would have smaller
Decks and villages are too small for individual decks.
Different Cards could be added to the Downtime Deck as the area grows and is
improved or changed.
Not all improvements add Cards, a road or fortification has more direct
benefits for example, but a new group, trade route, institution, or
influential position would certainly warrant a new Card as well as changes
to the map like opening up new fields with different crops or livestock and

I still think actual Charters are the way to go here but this method allows
a much lighter approach to Downtime Actions that doesnt require a steep
learning curve to play as the VAST majority of the rules are actually on the
cards themselves.

As for the TFT side of all this remember that the Wizards Guild and Grand
Wizard require a Campus, a Town Guard and its leader (would have to be
introduced) needs a Guardhouse(s), The Town Counsel and Mayor meets at the
Town Hall and so on.
There can be exceptions to this, currently Lake Shore does have a Town Watch
consisting of citizen patrols that sound the alarm if theres a fire or
other mishap as the town slumbers but its a loose organization of
volunteers that receive no pay and equip themselves, and the vast bulk of
the spinning and weaving is done in private homes, but generally the more
complex and productive or professional the organization then the larger its
footprint on the map will be.
This becomes pretty important because a player who holds a hand that could
force a counsel meeting but is shy a vote could simply schedule a meeting
with a voting member that week and if they have New Followers or certain

IQ 8
Sex Appeal, Literacy (written treaties)
IQ 9
Priest, Bard, Charisma, Recognize Value (Manhattan island for $24 in beads
{I know but you get the idea})
IQ 10
New Followers, Diplomacy, Business Sense
IQ 11
Courtly Graces, Detection of Lies
IQ 12
Assess Value
IQ 14
Theologian (The Grand Wizard), Master Bard
Also considering
Monster Followers, Scholar, Stratiegist, Mathmatician

IQ 8
Detect Magic
IQ 9
Confusion, Aid, Reveal Magic
IQ 10
Detect Enemies
IQ 11
Persuasiveness, Reveal/Conceal (fine print)
IQ 12
Mage Sight, Analyze Magic
IQ 13
Control Person, Curse
IQ 14
Remove Thrown Spell, Glamor, Telepathy
IQ 16
Long Distance Telepathy
IQ 17
Geas, Dissolve Enchantment, Remove Cursed Object, Expunge, Spell Sniffer
IQ 20
Word of Command

Lots more to this if theres any interest.
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