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Re: (TFT) Mars - Plants get too hot on Luna.

Volcanic activity on the Moon


What I like about the double Moon model is that they do just the kind of
parking collision I postulate for Pluto onto Mars to get a blanket on
I know Pluto was inside Neptune from roughly 79 through 99 and that her
orbital period is almost 250 years so in a VERY rough estimate Id expect
her to be in the vicinity of the Galactic Plain in about 50 years from now.
This is WAY too short a time to catch her at that point and a whole lot of
the problem depends heavily on the method one uses to play billiards with
the Solar System (Ive been thinking gravity tugs), but from my poor grasp
of the matter I still think that such an impact method would have a chance
of being much quicker than artificial factories and green-houses in effect.

Of course, mucking up a living Mars is fun too.
Throw some oceans and Barsoom stuff on her and then smack her with a MUCH
harder shot around Hellas Planitia.
Pop her hard enough and you might get a monstrous volcano ringed by large
volcanos on the other side of the planet, maybe throwing up big chunks that
rain back down and cause heavy cratering in the quadrant around the impact.
Maybe some of the force passing through a portion of the core, mixing it up
a bit and taking some with it, residue of which may have oxidized to a
rusty-red colour.
Maybe even throwing enough material up into orbit to make a moon or two.
Or Maybe not.

The one that surprised and pleased me the most however was THIS!


Having had significant frustration with snapping a hex-grid onto a globe I
eventually rigged it so that approaching the poles Longitudes from 0 to 60,
60 to 120, 120 to 180, 180 to 120, 120 to 60, and 60 to 0 become 6 sides of
a hex at the poles.
Now this is HORRABLE Geometry and has no connection with reality in the
least but to actually SEE a polar-hex in real life was a bit flabbergasting
to me.
I only found out about this one pretty recently, Ive been spending my time
near home the last few years like the Moon, Venus, Mars so it was pretty
nifty to see actual images of something on Saturn that Ive marked up on a
half-dozen globes around the house.
Made me feel a bit like Richard Dreyfuss

Mr. Neary, do you recognize this?
<shows him picture of Devils Tower (more hexes)>
Yeah, Ive got one just like it in my living room, who ARE you people?

Speaking of hot... I'm gonna have to do something about my home planet.
It almost 75 degrees right now... might break 80.
If I'm not careful I might start sweating...
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